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January 3, 2020

Rachel + Tyler | Gettysburg, PA Downtown and Woodsy Engagement Session

Tonight we 100% embraced the cold and the wind that Central PA was giving us…and it. was. magical.  These two lovers of the outdoors were up for anything today.  And I am fully obsessed with them and their gallery already.  So much so, that I couldn’t wait another minute to get them a little sneak peek!  My favorite part was making a stop at the exact spot that Tyler proposed to Rachel (and she said YES 😉 ))!! We spent a little time there.  While we hung out there, they told me how they love to sit on the big rock.  They talk about how beautiful the surroundings are and how they’d love to own the beautiful house in the distance.  

Now I have to sit and wait for their big day in July!! 

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