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February 2, 2020

Andrea and Todd | Woodsy Snowy Engagement Session | Gettysburg, PA

I’d much rather be back exploring with these two and Amanda H. today. But instead we’re editing (and cleaning before some friends come over for the Super Bowl). I’m glad to put editing these gorgeous faces before the cleaning though ;-p

Way back last summer, we met Andrea and Todd and we instantly fell in love! They were the sweetest! But since Andrea is in grad school in North Carolina, we had to be patient and wait until now to get these two in front of the camera. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait!!

When we started the session, we were chatting about the wedding plans and catching up. Then Andrea mentioned “You know, it might be kinda cool if it snowed.” The forecast wasn’t calling for snow at all, just some possible rain later in the night. The weather gods were on our side and we got the best 15 mins of flurries we could have asked for right as we were wrapping up our session!

Amanda H. has the honor of being their photographer this coming November at the West Shore Country Club

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