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March 1, 2021

Kalli + Alex | Gettysburg PA Winter Adventure Engagement Session

So I’ve pretty much been living at Caledonia since January and I’m not even mad about it! I think it’s the only place with any green right now and how can you not love all of the views?! 😍🌿

I’m so grateful for couples that are up for anything, including trekking through the snow to get to my favorite spots there. Kalli and Alex were absolute troopers yesterday for our amazing sunset engagement session.

Meeting couples for the first time in person, whether it’s at a consultation or their engagement session, is almost like a blind date. “Hey, I’m parked in the silver Jeep Wrangler. I have glasses and dark hair.” 😜 But after the first 5 minutes, we’re always laughing and having a blast! Kalli and Alex were no exception! I had a wonderful time getting to know these two and I’m so excited to share a little sneak peek of our fun!

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